The Fullerton Collaborative is a cooperative of executive directors, educators, activists, community service leaders and volunteers dedicated to building and supporting a healthy cohesive community. As an alliance of non-profit organizations and individuals who enjoy making "good things" happen for the community, we are able to provide community assistance where we are needed most. Our unique partnership allows us to help each other accomplish goals. We encourage our members and the Fullerton Community to "Think Collaboratively."


Our Mission

To build and support a healthy community for all Fullerton residents.



A diverse and empowered community that lives in harmony and works collaboratively toward an economically secure, healthy and safe environment where all children and adults can anticipate quality education and a promising future.



The Fullerton Collaborative was started by a small group of educators in the late 1980's to address the needs of at-risk students in Fullerton School District.  After several attempts the District was successful in being awarded Healthy Start  grants which brought support services to several schools.  The grants required a community collaborative of partners to support the schools and funded a part-time Director.  The first Executive Director was Pam Keller.   When she went out on maternity leave, Sharon Quirk-Silva covered for her.  Both subsequently served on the Fullerton City Council and Sharon Quirk-Silva serves in the California Assembly.  In 2005 when the Healthy Start grant was completed, the Collaborative decided to continue its work but broaden it as a community collaborative.  The Collaborative achieved its 501 c 3 not-for-profit status in 2005, established a Board of Directors and developed a new city-wide strategic plan.  The Collaborative has taken a leading role in the City of Fullerton on Health and Wellness, At-risk Youth, Homelessness and Education Equity.  It current Executive Director is Debra Stout.

Funders today are looking for collaborative efforts because they understand that collaboration brings more to the table. By working together in collaboration, we can bring much more to the table than we could by going it alone. Ultimately, we believe that collaboration benefits the funders, the agencies doing the work, and those benefiting from our work
— Dr. Debra Stout - Executive Director, FULLERTON COLLABORATIVE

What We've Achieved


    • Assisted City of Fullerton to become a HEAL FIT designation

    • Supported the City of Fullerton to develop a Healthy Food and Beverage Policy (internal to City facilities)

    • Supported the City of Fullerton and implementation of the Wilshire Bike Boulevard grant

    • Added park equipment to four parks in the city

    • Assisted in the coordination of the Cal State Fullerton training/ coaching at the park

    • Increased senior health programs in the city

    • Sharing of information among all the partners

    • Partnerships with all levels of schools (elementary, high school, college) for Wellness Policy

    • Assisted in the implementation of the Soda Free Summer


    • 30 students from La Vista high school participated in a semester long workforce development class.

    • 19 local professionals volunteered to mock interview the 25+ students, giving them actual interview experience.

    • 25+ professional resumes created by students.



  • Come back and see what we have done! Outcomes updated soon.


  • Come back and see what we have done! Outcomes updated soon.